Squeezi 2 Unit Pack (Bright White) - SASS & SALT
Squeezi 2 Unit Pack (Bright White) - SASS & SALT
Squeezi 2 Unit Pack (Bright White or Sky Blue) - SASS & SALT
Squeezi 2 Unit Pack (Bright White) - SASS & SALT
Squeezi 2 Unit Pack (Bright White) - SASS & SALT
Squeezi 2 Unit Pack (Bright White or Sky Blue)
Squeezi 2 Unit Pack (Bright White) - SASS & SALT
Squeezi 2 Unit Pack (Bright White) - SASS & SALT

Squeezi 2 Unit Pack (Bright White or Sky Blue)

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The Squeezi is a silicone bottle mount and dispenser for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that keeps your shower organized and your products at your fingertips.

The innovative product provides quick, one-handed dispensing, eliminates product waste, and de-clutters shower surfaces. The stretchy silicone sleeve fits most 10-18 oz. bottles and the heavy-duty suction cup securely mounts them in any convenient location.

The Squeezi can be mounted on any type of surface - smooth, tiled, or textured. The included adhesive-backed disc can be installed anywhere to give the suction cup a smooth surface to mount to. The leak-proof squeeze bulb dispenses the desired amount of product with ease.

The Squeezi is ideal for small children, individuals with injuries or limited mobility, or anyone who wants to streamline and enhance their shower experience.

Product Bullets:
• De-Clutter Your Shower – Eliminate cluttered shower surfaces by wall mounting your bottles wherever you’d like.
• One-Handed Dispensing – Quickly dispense the desired amount of shampoo, conditioner, or sanitizer into your hand. Perfect for people of all ages and abilities!
• Works With Most Bottles – The stretchy silicone sleeve fits all 10-18 oz. bottles - even the weird-shaped ones!
• Easy to Install – Mounts on smooth or tiled/textured walls with industrial grade suction cup & 3M adhesive-backed disc. Simply stick it on any wall - no tools required!
• Eliminate Waste – Designed to work with thin shampoos as well as thick conditioners. With the bottle inverted, the squeeze bulb refills automatically between uses until the bottle is empty. Save money by getting every last drop!
• Durable and Leak-Proof – The stretchy silicone sleeve won’t leak or wear out.


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Tami W.
New Zealand New Zealand
No more wasted bubbles

Great product for the kids at bath time. No more half a bottle of shampoo wasted for bubbles when my back is turned. Easy for kids to use, similar to milking a cow motion. Not that we've done that but is a example on how easy my 4 and 7 year old can use it.

United States United States
These are great!

These Squeezi dispensers helped me organize my tiny shower. They also dispense shampoo really well and I haven’t had any problem with leaking. Definitely recommend these